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2 reviews for Project Serenity

  1. Christine Wang, TSP Participant

    TSP has been one of the best things in my life, It has uplifted me from the lessons in the chapters, the self-reflection, and the guest speaker events, this program is so unique and special and I am so grateful to be a part of it. My favorite experience with TSP is the AMAZING PEOPLE here! Shoutout to my remarkable mentor, Jamie, for giving me so much love, and the outstanding TSP team for guiding me throughout my journey here!

  2. Leighanne Gray

    TSP, I owe you so much for bringing me into your amazing project. I don’t think you TRULY understand the impact that you’ve made on our lives. You’ve done what I thought impossible: you’ve made me comfortable in my own skin, and you made me realize that it’s okay to love myself, and to love my body and my face and the fact that my eyes squint, and my cheeks get all round, and I get a double chin when I smile from true happiness.

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