Know the power of divine mantra chants:

1. The 3 divine mantra chants protect an individual from the influence of all types of negative energies.

3. They create a powerful protective shield around the house which will reverse any curse or bad vibration that tries to enter the house.

5. The mantras summon the divine energy of the supreme God and will boost the confidence and spiritual energy of those who make use of it.

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2. The audio mantra chants will cast away any evil spirit or negative energies, however strong they may be, and create positive vibrations in the place of recitation.

4. Even if a person is possessed and an exorcism is required, these mantras will prove beneficial and are strong enough to send the evil away.

6. The mantra chants also improve the overall wellbeing and health of a person. You can use these mantras to overcome obstacles like poverty, anger issues, fear and indecisiveness.

Divine Mantra Chants For Protection from Evil Spirits, Heavy energies, and Negativity.

A right mantra and faith is ALL YOU NEED! A mantra is a sacred utterance; it is a mental instrument, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to create your own reality.

  1. Playing any Hanuman Mantra audio will invoke God’s divine vibrations and assistance in solving issues, and warding off evil spirits and negative energies.
  2. Daily listening to the Hanuman Mantras can help one to overcome stress and trauma.

healing hanuman mantras

Hanuman Mantras are very powerful and vibrational holy poems, one of which is composed by the great saint Goswami Tulsidas. Tulsidas is known to be the reincarnation of Saint Valmiki. Tulsidas wrote the verses in the state of Samadhi in Haridwar, with all his 7 chakras open. The two Hanuman Mantras invoke the divine energies of the supreme God. Whoever meditates while listening to Hanuman Mantras will attract grace, peace and self-development!

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  2. Everything it can help you achieve
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11 Sri Yantra For Wealth, Prosperity and Success

Sri Yantra is the most powerful yantra among all. It is a sacred mystical instrument that creates an unbelievable amount of energy around it and attracts wealth, prosperity, love, and success. The word “Sri” literally means “wealth and prosperity” in Sanskrit and this yantra has been available to humankind for thousands of years. The yantra collection has 10 Sri Yantra designs in it and one design on the cover, which equals 11 Sri Yantras. One Sri Yantra in itself is capable of balancing cosmic vibrations that manifest a great amount of money, health, prosperity and love!