Sacred Fire Course

Every moment each man or woman creates his own future. Life, which is a God-given gift, continually acts to fulfill man’s spoken or unspoken desires. Human thoughts and feelings are decrees in themselves and do produce with certainty and justice after their kind—whether joy or sorrow.

Although they live in a sea of wisdom, most men create in ignorance; their lives are therefore a mixture of both good and bad, a chaotic out-picturing of the so-called wheel of fortune. Believing honest men and women want to rise above self-imposed bondage and would shed unhappy human qualities of thought and feeling—long endured but not cured— We are offering these decrees in the sunlight of divine Love and Light. Their constant and faithful use will plant in the ever-fertile ground of your human consciousness seeds of grace and sprouts of mercy. These in turn will yield the harvest of a new life, a personal harvest of harmony, prosperity, and abundance, quickly fulfilled at your call through individual growth and the application of God’s sacred fire.

What is the Sacred Fire?

The Sacred Fire is a highly concentrated Etheral Fire of Love and light, a luminous radiation that is charged with the many attributes of God Perfection. It is a mighty current of energy that, when consciously invoked, has directing intelligence in its many forms of expression. It originates from the wellspring of all

creation, the Great Central Sun, awaiting our every call to be of service to the liberation of the whole Human race. This living light of Love and intelligence can be invoked and applied directly into all areas of our live as well as our Beings.

The many uncountable Colors of the Sacred Fires Flames

There are uncountable expressions and rays of the Great Sacred Fire Flames. The Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power is the Sacred Fire Altar in the center of our Earth .. We will therefore give you the Flames that specifically work with our Realm through the inner Earth Realms still in connection With our Great Central Sun

these Flames comprise some of the great Divine Dispensations to the Earth. They are also most intimately connected to our heart flame  and serve to greatly amplify our ability to reveal the perfection of God throughout the infinite life streams upon the planet. Call forth and use these great Divine Powers for your personal transformation and also for the transformation of All Humanity and of our sacred planet Earth.

  • The Sacred fire is Useful for
  • Application through Visualization and Meditation 
  • Purification of the Mind and Body
  • Activation of your Tree of Life Body technology
  • Mastery of Manifestation and Psychic Abilities 
  • Cleansing the Astral and Energy Bodies
  • And with more and more Application
  • The Sacred fire is Useful for becoming a Miraculous being