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A healthy thymus enhances immunity to beat infections, prevent cancer, and extend lifespan.

On a physical level, the higher heart chakra, also called the ascended heart chakra, is connected with an intriguing organ: the Thymus gland.
Immunological surveillance and the production of special T-cells. The availability of a sufficient number of T-cells determines whether you are resistant to disease.
The strengthening of muscular contractions. The flow of lymph throughout the body (which is the body’s cellular cleaning fluid), and
regulating the life force that is flowing in and through your body moment by moment. The thymus gland is the center of your life’s energy. A healthy, active thymus gland creates vibrant and positive health.  True healing constitutes a positive, permanent transformation of the mind with a resultant change in attitude, feeling, and behavior.


After 13 years of brewing Non-Alcoholic Liquor, Black Alchemy Brings a new Product to the Brand! The Tree of Life Elixir!!!

Before there were pills, there were potions.

Take your Energy, Focus, and Health to the next level, and watch your life transform before your eyes. Try our Tree of Life Elixir today!  In a Time when your health matters More than ever, you need a product that you can trust to produce positive, powerful results! Give your Nervous System the strength it needs in these stressful, troubling times. Level up your Immune system with Plants designed to repair your DNA and reprogram your RNA increasing your body’s ability to Intake cosmic energy and raising the Radiation level your Body emits.  There is Cosmic Energy in, and all around us every day everywhere we go, we use this energy throughout our daily activities. We can gain some of this beautiful cosmic energy through deep sleep and meditation. Cosmic energy is the life force energy that we all need each and every day to experience what we call life. However, in a modern world where we have become too busy to stop and meditate, and where sleep only happens in between work and our life’s need for our attentive care. It is difficult for us to intake much cosmic energy, and for it, we age more rapidly, experiencing more disease and depression. Black-Alchemy cares and we have prepared an ancient solution with modern style…

The Tree of Life Elixir is an Alchemically crafted Potion and

A 100% Alcohol-FREE Liquor(Spirit) made from plants,

distilled through water, Fire, Time, and Prayer.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, this product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent illness and disease, Due to the meditative effects of this product DO NOT consume while operating a motor vehicle, falling asleep at the wheel can cause a fatal accident…


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  1. Oya Dey

    Where do I start… This elixir saved my life… I was looking for alternative medicines to help with my sciatic nerve pain which was so crippling that I walked with a cane. The relaxation of my nervous system was key to my speedy recovery and I was walking without a cane after a month of elixir therapy…the bonus was the weight loss, cellular rejuvenation the vitality and energy, reverse aging and the most beautiful spiritual reconnection to the self, the inner peace that comes from source…..this Tree of Life elixir is THE elixir for what ails you…she is THE plant teacher…she shows you the cause and effect and gets rid of it! A Level upper!…the results are phenomenal ….

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