Third Eye

The third Eye is a very powerful tool of the soul to ‘see’ to ‘feel’ and to ‘hear’ the higher frequency realities. These three functions of the soul are known as Third Eye. By practicing more and more Meditation, more energy flows. More energy activates the Third eye. It is a great Experience for a Meditator. At the time of activation of the Third Eye, we feel an itching sensation or pulling sensation at the forehead region.
We start ‘seeing’ glimpses of various colors rotating around us. We ‘hear’ murmuring sounds- sounds of walking.
We ‘feel’ as if we are traveling in a pitch dark Tunnel. Third Eye Perfection When the Etheric Body gets sufficient Cosmic Energy by more and more Meditation our Third Eye gets perfected.
Here, we perceive crystal clear visions of this plane and other planes.
In Third Eye perfection:
We ‘see’ so many things more crystal clear than the physical visions.
We ‘see’ other frequency realities.
We ‘see’ the things, which are not present in the realm of five senses.
We ’feel’ so many things, which we cannot express with words.
We ‘hear’ inner voices, sounds, or sounds of instruments from other frequencies.
We ‘see’ Masters who are not there physically with us.
We ‘see’ Masters in a physical form, as we know them.
After more Meditation, we start ‘seeing’ the Master like a ‘Bright Light’.
Even by ‘seeing’ the Bright Light, we ‘feel’ the identity of the Master.
We can ‘hear’ the messages from the Masters.
We ‘feel’ like moving in a tunnel and finally merging with the light.
Through Third Eye Experience we know: We can get answers for all our problems through Messages from the Masters or by ‘seeing’ other frequency realities or as a ‘feeling’.
By this: Our actions will change. Our beliefs will change. Our Understanding will change. After this Third Eye experience, we find changes in our perception of this physical plane.