Life After Life

We come to this Earth plane as a speck of Cosmic Consciousness.While coming from the source, we come with Etheric Body as a structure for the Self.We come to this Earth plane to have unique experiences.For our experiences, we select the womb, we select the parents, environment and situations.The whole design of life is known to the Self.After selecting the mother, speck of consciousness enters the mother’s womb. After Consciousness enters into the mother’s womb, fetus gets life.The physical body takes the shape according to the Cosmic Energy in the Etheric Body and according to the Cause.Consciousness will be traveling frequently to the source till it takes first breath.After coming out from the mother’s womb, it takes its first external breath. This is known as Birth.From day one to age of seven, we will have awareness of the source.The mind starts taking its shape from age of seven and it completely forms by age of fourteen.The Intellect starts its activation from the age of fourteen and is fully developed by the age of twenty-one.From the age of twenty-one to age of twenty-eight one experiences the combination of body, mind and intellect.From the age of twenty eight, life depends on Self Knowledge.If one does not have awareness of the Self, his Consciousness lies in between body and mind. Because of this, misery starts. He cannot understand the situations. Things will become more critical for him. He moulds himself into concealed rigidness. Rigidness blocks the Cosmic flow. Due to this he suffers physical illness, stress and tensions. He passes his days with out awareness. He cannot understand the very purpose of his life. He passes from childhood days to youth, then to old age and finally passes away from this Earth plane with out completing the purpose of coming to the Earth plane.

It is what we call Death.

Even after death, the layer of rigid mind with wrong understanding does not allow the Consciousness to reach the Source.
Because of the wrong understanding, he creates his own Hell and Heaven and stays as a lower Astral being.
If one starts one’s life being with the Self, one will be always blissful in all given situations.
Even after Death, one won’t be in the lower frequencies. One will go back to the Source.