Black Alchemy

Alchemy In Motion.

The Planetary Station Earth Which We Live Upon Is A Dynamic Living System Formed By The Indivisible Community Of All Life Systems And Living Beings Whom Are Interrelated, Interdependent, And Complementary We Share A Common Destiny Which Leads To The Same Source Of Pure Unconditional Love; The Creator Of All Life.  We are Black Alchemists being Guided down the path of remembering our true Identities, as well as our true origins, and we are here to help all those who would like to reconnect to our “Mother Ship” Earth, awakening our dormant DNA, reprogramming our RNA, and healing our collective amnesia. All Human Beings are Sovereign by their Creator-given rights alone! All Humans Beings are Children of the One Creator of All Creation and thus we ALL inherit this Earth and its resources

The Science Of Alchemy, Has Been Hidden, Removed And Left Unaddressed In Our Modern Day World. Shrouded In Secrecy, Alchemy And It’s Practical Uses Seem Far Removed From Literature And Leave Only Evidence Of A Mystical Spiritual Tradition.

Alchemy Is Not – As Many People Now Believe – Failed Science. It Isn’t Religion Or Magic And It Is Much More Than The Misguided Attempt To Turn Lead Into Gold.

As modern day alchemists, we are turning to the ancient wisdom of the past in order to reconnect to the present rich multi-dimensional domain of the soul. In the process, we are moving forward towards a sustainable future filled with new and harmonious possibilities for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

We as modern-day Alchemists understand Alchemy as an ancient science & tradition with the goal of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, a science & a practice that leads to transforming everyday life into a life imbued with spiritual meaning, divine purpose & passion.

Thus Through the Observation, Imitation, & Acceleration of Nature or Natural processes, we Black-Alchemists have decoded; that the process of transforming lead into gold refers to the possibility and potential of a spiritual upgrade, to the miraculous capacity of human beings to evolve into more refined, elegant, potent and complete expressions, of their own Divine Natures.

We are here to help!