Meditation is the journey of our Consciousness towards the Self.

To do Meditation, we have to transcend the body and mind. When we transcend the body and mind, we reach the Self. Then we receive abundant Cosmic Energy. By more Meditation, our Self Knowledge expands.

Now let us try and understand what is KNOWLEDGE. Meditation takes you to the realms of higher Knowledge. Knowledge is nothing but Experience. Experience is nothing but totally involved in the situations we are in.

By practicing more and more Meditation, we receive higher Energy. With this higher Energy, higher involvement is achieved in every aspect, which leads to higher Knowledge. Through Knowledge, we get a higher Understanding and Wisdom. With this understanding, we understand that we are not just body and mind.
We understand that we are miraculous beings.
We understand all the situations we come across, and come out of — all our problems by higher understanding.
The higher Energy and higher Knowledge expands the Consciousness.
Expansion of the Consciousness is the very purpose of the SELF.
Higher Knowledge is obtained only through higher senses like the Third Eye and the Astral Body.